The Craftsman or also known as the Arts and Crafts style home is very popular in Lafayette and West Lafayette.  You can recognize it by its large, inviting front porch. 

This design, having its origins in Victoria England, has an interesting philosophical basis.  The emphasis is on the use of natural materials and workmanship, (craftsmanship), of the highest quality.  Developed in reaction to machine-made objects, the assumption was that manufactured goods were tasteless and garish.  Thus, excessive ornamentation was considered inappropriate and the only meaningful decoration was that devised by the craftsman.

Decorating in the Craftsman style is a perfect décor for a young family.  It is simple, informal, practical, yet warm and inviting.  It features lots of custom wood built-ins, easy storage areas.  The exposed rafters and beams in any room serve as a great focal point without infringing on space.  Use a color palette that consists of earth tones, neutral colors that allow for pops of color through the minimum number of accessories and art.  Another recommendation is to use Mission- style furniture because of its clean lines.   Hardwood floors with lots of area rugs add to the creation of a soft ambiance.  Fireplaces are another common feature, perfect for Indiana winters.  Rooms in a Craftsman home have numerous windows so there is lots of natural light.  Finally, there are usually wide doors when open, allow the melding of sightlines. 

It is easy to decorate in this manner and create that cozy, welcoming feeling. Enjoy!

About the AuthorCandac Bluestein  -  Candace Bluestein is a real estate broker with the Nexus Realty Group at Coldwell Banker Shook located in Lafayette, IN.  She specializes in representing buyers and sellers of residential real estate in the Greater Lafayette area.  Candace’s professional experience includes working in the financial sector of a fortune 500 company in New York City and as an Executive Assistant to the managing partner of a Workers’ Compensation law firm in Chicago.  She has a BS in Finance from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Originally from New York, Candace now resides in West Lafayette with her husband Alex, and two sons Oliver and Dylan.