How to transform your space into an eclectic style.

Eclectic StyleChoosing a style for your home is not easy.  You love so many different types of things:  the old vase your mother gave you that has been in the family for years; the rocking chair that grandma used since you can remember; that super slick couch you saw at the furniture store last week.  Well, it sounds like you favor the ECLECTIC style of decorating which mixes and matches old and new, pieces from different countries as well as the objects and furnishings you love.  

Yet, it is not that simple.  If you toss a little of this or that into a room without a plan, your room will have that early miscellaneous or early attic look- a mush.  You need to keep in mind not to cross the line between creating a mood and making a mess.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your shell simple (walls, floors, windows) in order to avoid competition. 
  • Create visual repetition through color and shape of furnishings so the room has a rhythm.
  • Pay special attention to the fundamental principles of design:  scale, proportion and composition.  When bringing a new piece of furniture into the room, make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the other things in the room or get lost in the space.
  • Most importantly, be firm about editing.  You can’t use everything you love in one room and still create a pleasant environment.

Go ahead and mix it up, but use your head, not your heart.


About the AuthorCandac Bluestein  -  Candace Bluestein is a real estate broker with the Nexus Realty Group at Coldwell Banker Shook located in Lafayette, IN.  She specializes in representing buyers and sellers of residential real estate in the Greater Lafayette area.  Candace’s professional experience includes working in the financial sector of a fortune 500 company in New York City and as an Executive Assistant to the managing partner of a Workers’ Compensation law firm in Chicago.  She has a BS in Finance from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Originally from New York, Candace now resides in West Lafayette with her husband Alex, and two sons Oliver and Dylan.