Urban ForestryI have a client looking to buy an adorable historic home in Lafayette. Between the sidewalk and the street, we spy a very large, old, beautiful tree about ten feet from the streetlight. The buyer asked if that tree is the homeowner’s responsibility. I had no answer for him!  

I called the City Clerk and discovered that Lafayette has an official Urban Forester and Urban Forestry group under the Public Works umbrella. The Forester kindly returned my call and patiently answered all my questions about this City Tree situation.

The trees in the grassy area between the sidewalk and street in city neighborhoods belong to the city but it is the responsibility of the owners of the adjacent property to maintain them. The Utility company has a right to prune as needed to protect public utilities such as power lines, phone lines, etc. If the homeowner wants to prune the tree, they must obtain a permit from the city Engineer’s office. If the homeowner chooses to hire someone to do the work, that company must be licensed with the city.  More details on pruning and guidelines for care of these trees can be found at the FAQ link, below.

If the tree is severely damaged or deemed hazardous in some way by the city Forester, the City will remove the tree at no cost to the homeowner.


Contact and FAQ for Lafayette Urban Forestry is on the city website: 




Here is the list of tree care companies licensed with the City of Lafayette:


Bellingers Professional Grounds
4902 ST RD 25 W
Lafayette, IN 47909

Browning Tree Service Corp.
PO BOX 2538
West Lafayette, IN 47996

Epic Tree Trimming & Removal Co.
West Lafayette, IN4 7906

TNT Tree Service LLC
Lafayette, IN 47905

The city of Lafayette uses Browning and TNT for all their contract work.


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